The Effects That Prizes Have on School Fundraising

School fundraising has been around since schools have been around. Getting school kids to become involved in fundraising can sometimes be an uphill battle. You may have already found that planning a school fundraising event is one thing, getting students to participate is another.

School Fundraising comes in many forms, as I have mentioned above it could be used to benefit the school or group or it could be done in aid of various charities. Whatever the cause the aim of fundraising is to raise as much money as possible, which is why everyone involved needs to give all they have to sell products or services and to get people to get involved in the activity that is being carried out. So how do you get school children motivated, excited and interested in making the most money they possibly can for the fundraising cause? The answer is simple. Give them great prizes; great prizes get great results. Period!

Changing the product you sell won’t make school children sell more but changing the minds of the students and their parents who usually don’t sell anything will. The products being sold aren’t what increases the number of sales, but motivating students in the correct way will. It doesn’t matter whether you are selling cookies, raffle tickets or Christmas gifts; its how they are sold that makes all the difference, which is why the right motivation is key to fundraising success.

By adding an edge of competition into fundraising for your school children you will be amazed at how much your sales increase. By offering better prizes to the kids, they will put more effort into selling as a way of getting earning the prizes that are offered. This will increase the amount of money you make dramatically. For example if you made $6,000 through fundraising last year then with the aid of offering a prize you could increase this total to as much as $46,000, not bad is it! The amount of increase you actually achieve however depends on your choice of prizes; if you pick something that your students really want then they will be willing to do what it takes to earn the prize; it is the best method of motivation.

The fundraising prizes offered to your school kids is the key to the money that is raised. Think of it this way kids aren’t going to give it their all for a run of the mill prize that they don’t really have much interest in. If you offer an impressive prize that appeals to the children involved in your school fundraiser, more students will participate thus improving the total amount of money that you raise.

You will be amazed at the difference this form of motivation makes to your school’s fundraising efforts. So next time you are attempting a school or team fundraiser keep this in mind and watch your profit increase.

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