Sales Training Coaching Tips: Master the Technique of Cold Calling

One of the techniques you must learn as a sales coach is cold calling. When we hear the term cold calling, there may be a lot of apprehension and reluctance involved, but with the right sales training coaching and a well written script you’ll be eager to go on your first call.

Real estate and other markets that involve sales have been in need of sales training coaching. This type of coaching shows that with cold calling, you will always need a script. You may think that you may sound fake, but you are just being prepared and ensuring the success of your call.

The use of a script gives you confidence and assists you in your knowledge of the product or service you are promoting. Even the best sales people use scripts and look where this has gotten them.

I have written below three tips one must follow when making cold calls. These tips are what should be included in your script that is why before anything else, give yourself time to write a script. This should not be rushed and its structure should be:

1. Introduce yourself and your company.

2. Simply explain to the person you are speaking to the reason for your call.

3. Lastly, tell them what you want from them and what you hope to gain from this call.

You may also want to ask your prospective client during the course of your call if he is interested and would like purchase it or try it out. And if he says yes then that’s a good thing. If no, then move on with your next call. Now that wasn’t so hard, was it?

Sales training coaching will also answer any questions you may have about cold calling and train you to have the confidence to do it. With cold calling, it is also important that you try to establish a connection with your caller. Try to get him to talk about what he needs and maintain that you value their time and don’t want to waste it. Cold calling gives you about 30 seconds to get people interested before they reject you so use that time wisely. It is also good to note that you can have more success if you offer free training or information that they will gain from. Don’t forget, however that you will still encounter rejections and that you should not be disheartened by this and keep moving forward. Remember the saying, “no pain, no gain.”