Don’t Consider Career Change Until You Do This

Considering a career change? Or change of some kind? Who isn’t these days? It may be a new job or job description, a new career path or just how to be creative and resourceful in your current work. Over many years of coaching hundreds of people, one of my favorite metaphors came up about career change. Think about going to the grocery store when you are in a hurry, hungry, tired, desperate or even “just not that into it.” What ends up in your cart? Not the best stuff, hmm?

Your career change is like that. Imagine taking time to reflect on your nourishment needs, goals, authentic passions and priorities before entering the market to shop.

There’s a whole Passion Meets Profit process clients go through including assessing values, passions, strengths and what the market is demanding currently (more about that in a future blog). There are times when we are in a hurry- and need cash flow fast. It may be even more important to take some time to Reflect and create a smart, well-thought through, informed “shopping list” before you hit the networking, update the resume and so on. Don’t just jump online and end up with the first donut you can grab or is offered. Imagine taking the time to at least write your grocery list more consciously on a slip of paper before entering the store. Do we need to say haste makes waste?

6 questions to empower your career change success:

oWhat is the real need? What is the true priority? Slow down to answer wisely.
oWhen have I felt fulfilled, alive, at my best (work, school, go back as you need to)?
oWhat passions and talents/ gifts are prominent in these memories?
oWho am I attracted to serve or have as client/employer– What types of people, cultures, fields?
oWhere would my passions and gifts be needed and paid for these days?

Use the Reflect before resume rule wisely and you will succeed far better in your career change short term and beyond.