Language Exchange – Learn Tibetan by Sharing Your Language

Are you a student who wants to learn Tibetan? Do you have what it takes to share your own language? Are you willing to learn another language by sharing your own? If your answer to these questions is a big yes, then you are welcome to join language exchange program.

Language exchange sites are great places to learn Tibetan and other languages while teaching your own. It is one of the most effective methods to learn since it also involves teaching someone what you know, in this case, your native language. Before joining one, learn more about it here.

How it works

Language exchange sites are like social media sites. To become a member, you just need to sign up with your contact information specifically your email address where the site and other members can contact you. The major difference though is that the purpose of language exchange is not just to socialize but to learn another language.

Once you are a member, you can start searching for language exchange partners who are interested in learning your language and who can help you learn Tibetan. You can add as many language partners as you want as long as they can help you learn Tibetan. When your list is complete, be ready to schedule sessions with them.

Some reminders before signing up

While language exchange seems like an avenue to socialize as you meet numerous language partners, take note that there are some members who do not have the same intentions as yours. They may be more inclined to socializing rather than learning new language. Hence, there are some security issues involved. Remember that people you meet online may not reveal their true identity. So here are some of the most important reminders before joining:

1. Avoid giving your complete contact information such as address and telephone number. Your online contact information such as your email address should be enough for other members to reach you. Remember that your main goal is to learn Tibetan and not to have many phone pals.

2. Avoid meet-ups. Meeting with your language exchange partners may not be a good idea considering the fact that not all of them are who they say they are.

3. Report any sessions which made you feel uncomfortable or threatened. Don’t take this issue for granted. While your goal is to learn Tibetan, it is not right to take any vulgarism or intimidation from any of your language exchange partners. On first instance, reach out to the language exchange site administrator.

While language exchange may be a great source of information if you want to learn Tibetan, finding good references such as Tibetan textbooks are still the best option available. For one, they are more reliable. Second, there are no security issues involved.